Mining Department

Mining Department

The Mining Department is the first element in the company's workflow, because this is where the whole process begins.

The responsibility of the Mining Department is data processing. This data is processed by compiling, organizing, transcribing and filling in missing information, where needed. The data collected by the miners will be used by the sales team to find new customers interested in the company's services.

This department works with a large database of potential customers. The information itself ranges from names, phone numbers, emails, to business names, income or other financial information.

The main task of a miner is to compile, organize, transcribe and complete (when something is missing) any information about our potential customers. Thus, the Mining department ensures that there is a constant source of new potential customers that can eventually be transformed into paying customers.

There are 3 levels of miners in the team: Junior Miner, Mid Miner, Senior Miner, to which is added Team Leader, who is responsible for supervising the team.

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