Our services

Premier Pro Management provides management consulting services in various fields tailored to the needs of our United States customers. Through our excellent working relationship with our U.S. counterparts, we coordinate five large departments for a variety of companies: Business Debt, USA Debt, Credit Repair, VOD and NJRas.

1. Business Debt and USA Debt - This company offers financial consulting services for individuals facing bank debts and for legal entities and business owners affected by predatory lenders. As a third party, we evaluate the situation of each customer and we offer an alternative budget plan, in accordance with the needs and posibilities of the client. We represent them in front of creditors and negotiate the restructure of their debt down to an estimate of 45 %. Five subdepartments operate in the framework of Business Debt and USA Debt, each of them with their own responsibilities.

2. Credit Repair – The company is specialized in providing consultancy services for individuals who wish to improve their credit score, with the purpose of being able to purchase various goods or real estate properties. Here, we analyze all the legal documents remitted against our customers and identify violations and errors within. When we find certain violations of consumer protection acts such as FACTA, FCCRA, FCBA or HIPPA we take appropriate action to dispute said violations. Through successful disputes, we manage to reduce the impact of negative items on our clients’ credit scores, for example, Credit Repair is divided into three subdepartments, focused on sales, customer service and invoicing.

3. VODWithin VOD, we represent individuals whose bank debts have been sent to debt collection companies. In collaboration with the Law Offices of Michael Lupolover, our department is focused on making sure that our clients’ rights are not being violated. Therefore, as representatives, we have the duty to identify the errors in the legal documents issued by the debt collectors and to try and cancel the debt, if their rights are not taken into consideration. We manage to successfully resolve even the toughest cases with amicable settlements and obtain the most profitable resolution damages from the debt collection firms. Otherwise, we can reach a settlement of the case through the justice system.

4. NJRas - The fifth company provides services for institutions that require consultancy with the assessment and restoration of the estates within their property. These institutions provide us with a virtual plan of the damaged properties by means of visual materials intended to recreate the dimensions of an estate in real space. Based on these materials, our specialists in the construction field provide optimal solutions by identifying and analyzing the damage, evaluating and approximating the costs of repair and approximating the quantities of the building materials.
Through these departments and their dedicated staff members, Premier Pro Management brings an element of novelty in Romania, offering high quality services at an international level.